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Goldbeck Recruiting Congratulates Will and Jacob on Their New Start-up

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Will and Jacob’s New Start-up:

Will and Jacob Goldbeck are proud to announce their new business FlipBook, founded in Vancouver.

Vancouver Flipbook offers an alternative way to capture precious memories made with family, friends, and colleagues. In place of pictures, moments are transformed from video to Flipbook souvenir. Specializing in corporate parties, weddings, tradeshows and other events, Flipbook offers an innovative and exciting alternative to just a photo or video clip.

For more information, visit their website to learn more about creating FlipBooks at your next celebration.


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Goldbeck Welcomes Their New Intern, Patricia Belinski

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My name is Patricia Belinski, I’m 31 and I am from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  I am here working and studying North American Business Management at Capilano University.


Have you been to other countries before coming to Canada?

I left Brazil 3 years ago to live in Dublin, Ireland. During this 3 years I had the opportunity to travel to many countries in Europe. Since I love travelling, every time I had the chance I would fly to a different country and that was the best thing about living in Europe. My favorite ones are Italy and Portugal, because of the weather and food! Besides Europe, I have lived in the US for 1 year and have visited some places in South America as well.

What is the purpose of your internship?

I have to opt a concentration in the post-graduate business diploma I am taking at Capilano University and I am going to choose Human Resources. Therefore, this internship at Goldbeck is an opportunity to learn about recruiting and the Canadian business environment. It is a good experience!

Why did you choose Canada for your internship?

I have friends who have lived here before and they all love Canada. Canada is a wonderful country with beautiful landscapes and friendly people. … Read More »

Starting a Workplace Wellness Culture in Your Company

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Workplace Wellness

An employee-employer relationship is no different from any other relationship; it all begins with common ground. With the recent increase of health-minded individuals over the past 10 years, there is a growing need for an employee’s work culture to reflect their personal morals and beliefs. When it comes to Workplace Wellness, employers and employees need to be on the same wavelength. The benefits of having a workplace wellness program within an office has been proven to boost morale, improve employee satisfaction, and increase productivity and focus – just to name a few.  Unlike Health and Safety Programs, an employer is not legally mandated to provide a Workplace Wellness Program, though the benefits of adopting an environment that fosters health and wellness are indisputable. Workplace Wellness Programs may often be offered in partnership with health insurance companies as way to prevent disease and promote health. All participation in these types of programs is optional, but the key to Workplace Wellness Programs is to provide a culture in the workplace that is supportive and complimentary of healthy lifestyle changes.

Examples of Workplace Wellness Programs

Click here to view further information on what Canadian companies are doing.

Some Workplace Wellness Programs offer physical wellness aids, … Read More »

Top 5 Traits For Hiring An Accountant

5 Optimal Traits to Look for in an Accountant

In the words of Mr. Renna, a spokesman for the Society of Professional Accountants of Canada, “[Accountants} are not just bean counters anymore… Thirty or forty years ago, business owners may have said, ‘Here are my books, do my taxes, goodbye and I’ll see you next year.’ Now, accountants are expected to do a lot more.”

An accountant, useful for more than just processing numbers, is proven to be a key player within any organization. Proper tax and strategic advice are crucial to the overall success of your business; this type of insight may be offered freely by an internally hired accountant or an outside firm.

Here are 5 things to include in your search to ensure you hire a top quality accountant:

       1. Impeccable Reputation & Transparency

Ask for referrals. Word of mouth is a great way to get a true sense of someone’s reputation. You need more than just a resume to make the decision to hire a candidate. Choose a licenced, qualified accountant who can help management teams to execute informed decisions based on broad business knowledge and ability to provide accurate data.

2. Entrepreneurial Spirit

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“Projected Wage Growth for 2016 Canadian Construction Industry”

The projected wage growth in Canada’s 2016 construction industry is marginal. The reduction in Canada’s oil production and the cancellation of many capital projects inevitably leaves construction wage growth at a standstill. There now exists a 94% correlation between the Canadian Dollar and oil prices, as Canada’s Loonie has chased oil prices extremely closely over the past five years. Construction related to industries servicing the oil sector has suffered similar results.

Recent 2016 survey forecasts indicate large reductions in Alberta wage projections for 2016; wage increases were projected at 2.2% compared to the 3.4% anticipated the year before. British Columbia is the only other province with a lower projected wage increase of 2.3%. Generally speaking, the country’s year-over-year wage growth has been following a downward trend for the past year, as the collapse of oil prices and other commodities has had a definitive impact on the major resource-producing provinces and the national economy.

According to a recent Q1 study by Stats Canada, the construction industry average wage has only increased by 0.5% in the past year and the data regarding monthly wage growth showed a 1.3% increase. A survey of human resource managers across Canada found they expect wages to rise 2.5% … Read More »