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Projected Growth in the BC Job Market

Posted on October 23rd, by Jackie Jagger in Recruitment. No Comments

If there is something we  can all agree on, it is the growth of jobs in BC. We’ve been at a steady pace of job growth in the province and now WorkBC is projecting about 1 million job openings by 2022. It is also expected that one-third of these jobs will be filled by migrants from other provinces and those from outside Canada. WorkBC also has expected that the three top industries that will notice the biggest growth in jobs are:

Sales and Service Occupations.
Business, Finance and Administration Operations.
Trades, Transport and Equipment Operations and related occupations.

As the projection stands, these three occupational groups account for over 52% of the total projected job openings until 2022. It should be noted that over half of these projected job openings are to replace retiring workers.

And that is not all, as of late, Vancouver is a favourite location for a lot of tech companies to setup base, and we’re not just talking about the startups but big tech giants like Microsoft, Amazon and Sony Imageworks as well. All the three companies are going to setup their base in Downtown Vancouver in the coming few years and with Amazon boasting … Read More »

7 Reasons Why Hiring A Recruiter May Work Best For You

Posted on October 20th, by Jackie Jagger in Recruitment. No Comments

Recruitment can often be a tedious, time consuming process and expensive process, especially if you don’t have don’t have access to the a pool of candidates. Which is why, many companies look to outsource their recruitment department. We have 7 reasons why you should hire a recruiter to help make your job easier:

Reducing Cost: One of the biggest benefit of of hiring a recruiter is the reduction of cost. A lot of times companies spend a lot of time trying to search for a perfect fit for the job except they don’t have access to that person. As such, the

search continues for a longer period or the wrong individual is hired – both of which cost a lot of money.  As recruiters, we have access to a larger pool of active job seekers as well as passive job seekers, perhaps your best fit is in here. This saves you time, money and resources, which would be better invested elsewhere in the company.
Quality of Candidates: In a competitive global job market, good candidates are often harder to find, as recruiters, we have access to a number of candidates include the passive ones who perhaps may possess the exact skill set … Read More »

Get Real Time Job Postings from Goldbeck Recruiting

Posted on October 16th, by Lougie in Job Search. No Comments

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. is happy to announce that job seekers can now get real time Job Posting alerts by following us on any of our Social Media sites or subscribing to our Jobs RSS Feed.

Our Jobs are now automatically being posted to our Facebook Page, Linked In, and Twitter.  Follow us on any of these sites and you will get instant notification when a new job is posted on our Job Board:

Linked In
Jobs RSS

Fall Hiring Extravaganza: 45% More Job Postings in First Week of September

Posted on September 9th, by Henry Goldbeck in Recruitment. No Comments

“Holy Toledo, my desk is a mess.”

“I think I’m coming in on Saturday.”

“Whoa, it’s 2pm…I forgot to have lunch.”

Now, admittedly this doesn’t sound healthy in terms of work-life balance…but it’s thrilling to everyone who works here. We’re happy when it’s busy!

(Recruiters are like farmers: we make hay while the sun shines.)

Although the dramatic spikes and dips have evened out in the last several years — these days, companies tend to hire for the big picture and plan out their hiring across the year, rather than hiring in spurts — there does tend to be hiring seasons in the recruiting business. Summer is slow. Fall is usually busy.

And yep, August was quiet(ish).

September, however, is on fire.

We all keep saying we’ve got lots of assignments, there’s a steady flow of interviews. It feels busy.

So we ran the numbers — and they’re more surprising than we expected.

In the first nine days of September, compared to last year at the same time, we have 45% more jobs to fill.

Is it like this for you, too? Is your fall hiring season already in full swing, only nine days in?

Then you’ll probably need these…

12 Tips for Hiring at a Fast … Read More »

Happy Grandparents’ Day

Posted on September 6th, by Lougie in Just For Fun. No Comments

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that tomorrow, September 7, is Grandparent’s Day.  Not a very popular day, and most grandparents probably don’t even know that this day exists.  But wouldn’t it be a treat for your grandmother or grandfather if you make a surprise visit with a little gift to show your appreciation for them.

If you are a grandparent, take this time to celebrate your day with your grandchild/children, and show them how much you love being their grandma/pa.