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Art of Sales was a Huge Success

Posted on February 11th, by Jackie Jagger in About, Company News. No Comments

Goldbeck Recruiting attended the Art of Sales that was held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on Friday, 5th February 2016. The event was a huge success with over 1,300 attendees and various other exhibitors.

We also partnered with Art of Headshots, a Vancouver based company that specializes in headshots to provide free professional LinkedIn profile photos for everyone at the event. We were quite delighted with the turnout, over 100 individual headshots were taken that we will be sharing through private gallery links soon.  Keep an eye out for that in your inbox.

Additionally, we also gave away a bottle of Crown Royal North Rye that was crowned the best whiskey of the year 2015.  The winner was Tamara Randall of BCLC. Congrats Tamara, we hope you enjoy the whiskey!

With 5 great speakers sharing their experiences and a lot of networking opportunities, it was the sales event of this quarter to attend.  If you missed it,  look for future events like these on Art of Sales.

We had fun networking and learning from everyone there in the hall. We look forward to the next event.

Here are some photos from the day.



Guide to Sales in a Digital World

Posted on February 2nd, by Jackie Jagger in Career, Industry Resources, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing. No Comments

Its 2016, humans are more connected with one another than they have ever been in the past. With the prevalence of the Internet and advent of smartphones we have reached a point in our society where we are constantly surrounded by screens that are connected to the Internet and everyone around the world.

The last decade has called for a massive shift in our day to day lives.

Empowered Consumers

We see this shift in sales processes where cold-calling is almost non-existent with sales gearing towards more inbound than outbound lead generation.  We are changing the way we purchase and even approach potential customers. Consumers are more empowered and informed than ever before. When they walk into a store they have done their research and compared a product or service with an alternate or a competitor’s product or service. If a salesperson isn’t equally prepared, they would be at a disadvantage and are likely to lose the sale.

Human Interaction

The best way to approach sales in a digital world would be to split the task at different phases of the buying cycle.

The first point of contact of a customer should be a well experience … Read More »

Resumes: Get Them Right to Get the Job

Posted on January 27th, by Jackie Jagger in Career, Infographic, Job Search, Resume Writing. No Comments

We get a ton of resumes every day and it is our job to screen them and pick the best of the lot. Sometimes, we have resumes that come across on our desks that are hard to comprehend, too long, missing the right information or have other issues. Typically, we pass on resumes that fail to give us the information we need at the first glance, as a candidate you must focus on your key skills and experiences and display them up front on the first page. We published an article earlier that will give you a better idea on how to tackle this.

We asked some of our recruiters about their personal tips and this is what they had to say:

Jessica Miles, our Sales Recruiter said that sometimes it’s great to have candidates explain their transitions on their resumes. It helps us have a clear insight into the candidate and their timeline.

Karen Epp, our Accounting and Finance Recruiter believes that some colour in resumes can’t harm, especially if you want to draw the reader’s attention to something important. However, you have to ensure it presented well. Moreover, Karen added “Titles, Industry, Software, specific … Read More »

Goldbeck Recruiting Partners with The Art of Sales Conference

Posted on January 21st, by Jackie Jagger in About, Career, Company News, Industry Resources, Sales & Marketing. No Comments

The Art of Sales conference is coming to Vancouver for the very first time. A conference specifically designed for the sales and business development professionals. Goldbeck Recruiting will be 
partnering with the Art of Sales. The conference is scheduled to take place at the Vancouver Convention Centre on February 5th from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. To learn more about the agenda for the day, click here.

Goldbeck Recruiting will also be partnering with Art of Headshots to provide free LinkedIn headshots at our booth. Be sure to stop by and get your photo taken by a professional photographer for free.

The conference will go on all day and feature five internationally renowned bestselling authors and visionaries who will be bringing you an insight into best practices in the industry, real world experiences and some of the most critical sales issues. Gain knowledge that is bound to take you leaps ahead of your competitors with the added advantage of the opportunity to network with over 1,200 of Canada’s most influential sales professionals.

Looking to buy the tickets? Be sure to grab them with our special promo link and save $50 per pass or save an additional $50 per pass when … Read More »

4 Ways to Avoid Hiring a Bad Salesperson

Posted on January 20th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Recruitment. No Comments

Hiring the right salesperson can be a very challenging task; there are many underlying aspects of this. Hiring a salesperson means hiring someone that will represent what you and your company stand for. How the sales person conducts themselves and how they approach a sale can make a world of a difference.

There are good sales people and there are some that you just don’t want to hire. However, this is very easy to miss during an interview process.

Shallow Smiles Lead to Unfulfilled Promises.

The art of sales requires charisma and finesse; however, there are two types of salespeople. One who can sell themselves and other that can sell products. It’s easy to get caught up in the charm of the first kind in an interview and hire them, while they may have won you over as a person they often fail to show results.

Managers often fall for the first kind and soon realize how that was a costly mistake. Such salespeople tend to have shallow smiles and promises that are often unfulfilled.

Salespeople from your Competitors.

The usual reasoning is that, when you hire from your competitors you won’t have to train salespeople … Read More »