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Main Avenues to Hire International Job Seekers

Posted on October 24th, by Henry Goldbeck in Recruitment. No Comments

With the aging baby-boomer population and lower birth rates giving rise to labour shortages combined with a growing economy which is increasingly dependant on a highly educated, trained and skilled workforce, Canadian employers have never had more of a reason to hire internationally. Internationally Trained Workers (ITWs) not only fill Canada’s labour needs, their expertise in other languages and cultures can broaden their employer’s networks and help them become more competitive in the marketplace.

But how to go about finding and hiring an ITW? Here, we review several paths an employer can take:

Where ITWs Can Be Found

To find ITWs in Canada, employers can search online data banks such as Service Canada’s Job Bank. They can find them through job fairs, Universities, and Colleges, or by networking through their Canadian employees.

ITWs can also be found abroad through various immigration programs such as the Federal Skilled Worker Program or Temporary Foreign Worker Program. These programs offer access to candidates from job boards or sometimes from the Provincial Nominee Program.

Temporary Workers

If an employer is looking to hire an ITW in a temporary capacity (covered by the Temporary Foreign Worker Program), they must first establish if the ITW requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment, … Read More »

Henry Goldbeck featured in Jobs2Careers blog

Posted on October 19th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, In The Media, Just For Fun, Leadership, Recruitment, Workplace Wellness. No Comments

Henry Goldbeck of Goldbeck Recruiting was recently featured in a Job 2 Career Blog: “Onboarding Tips Part II: Real World Edition”

Where he speaks to how the little things Count when welcoming a new hire on their first day at the job.


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How to Make Halloween at the Office a Success

Posted on October 18th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, In The Media, Just For Fun. No Comments

Halloween isn’t just for the kids! In the workplace, it’s a great opportunity to boost employee morale and have a little bit of fun at work. Here are a few tips for making your office’s Halloween a success:

Get Your Employees Involved

If you don’t have one already, use Halloween as an opportunity to form an “event committee” to help plan the event by asking for volunteers. Inviting your employees to plan a Halloween celebration is a great way to increase employee engagement and encourage team-building between employees.


Budget for some Halloween decorations and put them up two weeks before Halloween. This gets your employees in the Halloween spirit and motivates them to participate in the festivities. You could even spark a decorating contest: the spookiest desk wins!

Have a Costume Contest

The costume contest is a classic Halloween tradition and a necessity! The key to a successful costume contest is giving your team plenty of notice. Spring a contest on unsuspecting employees three days before Halloween, and they will be far less inclined to participate – we all know what the costume stores are like the weekend before Halloween! Plan a voting system with ballots and a gift-card prize for the winner.

Plan Breakfast … Read More »

Hands Only CPR

Posted on October 14th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, In The Media, Just For Fun. No Comments

“I hope I never need to use CPR, but it so easy to learn the basics of hands only CPR, that there is no excuse not to learn it.  The video takes 1.32 minutes; it’s fun, cool and teaches you hands only CPR.  Everyone should watch it and share it… Just in case.”


How to Work in Canada

Posted on October 13th, by Henry Goldbeck in Career, Career Development, Recruitment. No Comments

With recent world events like the refugee crisis and Brexit, it’s been a turbulent year for the Global economy. A long term trend even before this time of unrest is that many from around the globe are investigating the benefits of immigrating to Canada to find work. Our good fortune at being one of the most peaceful, civilized and prosperous countries in the world has been sustained during this trend and should continue to do so. Equally, Canada has been a great beneficiary of multitudes of hardworking and committed immigrants for many years.  But it isn’t simply a matter of arriving to Canada and handing out resumes. One must have permanent residence status in order to work in Canada for the long-term, and there are several paths one can navigate to gain employment and become eligible for permanent residency.

Here are some of the most common avenues:
Work Permits

Work permits are for those who want to work in Canada temporarily. Those candidates who are interested in temporary work permits can apply online.

In most cases, a work permit is required to work in Canada; however, there are some exceptions, such as business persons who are covered by NAFTA (The North … Read More »