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Recruiter Spotlight: Karen Epp, Senior Accounting & Finance Recruiter

Posted on November 26th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Karen Epp, Person, Recruitment. No Comments

This month our Spotlight is on our Senior Accounting and Finance Recruiter, Karen Epp.

Karen Epp is a hardworking small town girl with a big heart who grew up in Regina, Saskatchewan and attended the University of Regina. She brings over 20 years of recruitment experience to Goldbeck Recruiting in Vancouver, BC.

Karen, a typical good girl that always followed her heart and made her own path. As a child growing up, she loved to participate in everything that had to do with sports, community, music, and social activities. At the time, she didn’t have many career choices, being from a small town. Her options were to be a teacher or a nurse, while as noble as the professions were, she wanted to fall out of the norm and be in the business world.

She set out doing this by working in administrative jobs and then moving into sales. As a natural ‘giver’, she has particularly enjoyed sales in service oriented industries where one of the most important part of the job was supporting and understanding what peoples’ needs are. This eventually led her to look into emerging recruitment firms in Vancouver and so she joined … Read More »

Human Resource Planning for Small Businesses

Posted on November 25th, by Jackie Jagger in Recruitment. No Comments

Human Resource planning is often one of the trickiest and challenging part of the business plan, especially as small business owner. It will often fall upon you to make decisions regarding positions needed, candidate hunting, conducting interviews, recruiting and retaining employees. Human Resources are one of the most valuable resources a company has, it is the team that will make or break a small business. It can prove to be very cost efficient or very costly. As such, it should be approached with care and finesse. In this post we’ll give you few tips on how you can make this easier and help select a team that will grow with you and nurture your business.


In this stage, as a business owner you will have to build a staffing plan and understand your immediate personnel needs. You will have to understand how these needs evolve into future personnel needs. At this point, it is very important to build an organizational chart as this would help visualize the tasks, duties and need of personnel in departments. Planning at this stage can also include salaries, benefits etc. Good research goes a long way, so it would always be advisable to see what the current offering in the market … Read More »

Talent At Work Featured on BCJobs.ca

Posted on November 24th, by Jackie Jagger in About, In The Media. No Comments

Last month Goldbeck Recruiting‘s HR Blog, ” Talent At Work”, was featured on BCJobs’s website as one of the Best Canadian HR and Recruitment Blog. Our name was mentioned among other top HR Blogs in the industry and we’re flattered. We would like to extend our thanks to the team at BCJobs.ca.

This is exactly what we wanted when we first started out to write our own articles. We wanted to create quality content that would be helpful to everyone out there, the kind that we ourselves would want to read and take away something valuable from them.

In the upcoming weeks we have plenty of articles lined up on various topics such as Workplace Wellness, Sales Recruiting, Harrison Assessment Tests, Generational Differences, International Recruitment so be sure to drop by and let us know what you think about them. We love feedback and interacting with our readers.

Again, a huge thank you to BCJobs.ca for this feature.

Source: BCJobs.ca


Portland in Vancouver

Posted on November 17th, by Jackie Jagger in About, Just For Fun. No Comments

Today we were surprised by the Travel Portal team who visited Vancouver and set up shop on our office block. They even had the Unipiper start everyone’s morning with fantastic melody from his bagpipes. We all had a great opportunity to have a little tête-à-tête with the team who told us about the various things that are happening in Portland and we have to say, boy they were friendly.

The team snuck in quietly with the world’s tallest cookoo clock with its habitant the Santasquatch – yeah, that’s right, it’s what you get when Santa and Sasquatch meet. He even promised to have all our wishes for Christmas to come true and we even got our pictures taken with him . Everyone on our team was excited and we hope to visit Portland soon. The team will be in Downtown Vancouver all day today (November 17th), be sure to check out our friendly neighbours to the south and be sure to tweet to them using the #PDXNOW hashtag.

Memorial Day – Lest We Forget

Posted on November 11th, by Jackie Jagger in Recruitment. No Comments

It’s November 11th, Memorial Day. This day holds a very big significance in the lives of many around the world. It was the day World War I had come to an end. It is a day we remember and honour all those who gave their lives so that we could live. Memorial Day is also known as Poppy Day and is observed in all the Commonwealth nations. Some nations outside of the Commonwealth like United States, France etc also observe something similar on the same day.

The Poppy flower became an enduring symbol of  Remembrance Day back in 1915, during one of the most bloodiest battles fought in the Flanders region of France had inspired a Canadian Physician, Lt. John McCrae who was serving as a doctor in the war to write a poem, he was inspired by the Poppy flower that was the only thing that grew among the despair and devastation. When the war ended, American schoolteacher was inspired by this poem and decided to wear a poppy flower to honour those who lost their lives. Thus began the tradition of wearing the Poppy Flower.

So remember to observe silence for those who have served and fallen so that we … Read More »