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Getting Ready for a photohoot

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We thought we would freshen things up a little bit and get some new videos and photos done. Here’s a candid moment of us cracking up at a joke Henry just cracked.


Be sure to check our website for updated videos soon.

Best Practices when Recruiting for Remote Locations

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Remote location hiring is one of the biggest challenges a country like Canada can face from time to time. With over 90% of the Canadian Population living within 100 miles of the U.S. Border, it leaves very little number of workers for the rest of this massive country.

It can be challenging to recruit someone with skills and the desire to work in remote locations. Remember, high salary isn’t the answer to attracting and retention.

Know your Employees

Understanding what your current employees like and what keeps them there is one of the biggest method of learning what the selling points to your potential candidate might be. Knowing your employees is the secret behind employe hire and retention. The main issue is understanding candidate’s personal and professional motivation to move to a rural area.

Ria, our Healthcare recruiter has placed many candidates in rural markets, one such example was with Lakeside Pharmacy in Fort St. James, BC.

“To retain workers it is essential to identify pharmacists who would be satisfied living and working in a rural location. Involving rural communities is effective in both the recruitment and retention of professionals.” Ria Inducil.

Russ Johnson, owner of Lakeside Pharmacy cites, “Ria was able to understand our needs … Read More »

Get out and Get Fit

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It’s summer, that means everyone is out and about trying to bask in the sun and work on their tan.

Recently, the Goldbeck Team decided to head out of our offices and move our muscles. The team from Canadian Tire were out and about to get everyone moving, they convinced the entire team of Goldbeck to play a round of hopscotch. Summer activities are a great way to get the team out of the office and get some fresh air. Summer activities are also a great way for the team to bond with each other and build on pre-existing relationships.

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Announces The Launch of Their Mobile Website

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Press Release

Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. Announces The Launch of Their Mobile Website

VANCOUVER, BC CANADA – July 20, 2014 – Goldbeck Recruiting Inc., a top recruitment firm in Vancouver, BC, is happy to announce the launch of their mobile-friendly website.

The website is Goldbeck’s response to the increasing number of web traffic generated from mobile devices.  “We felt it was important to give our visitors the best experience when viewing our website from any device”, says Henry Goldbeck, President of Goldbeck Recruiting.

Goldbeck’s mobile-friendly version includes all the same functions as the current website but with larger font, streamlined images, and convenient navigation.  The website automatically detects the visitors’ web browser and then launches the best format for that device whether it be an iPhone, iPad, or a regular PC desktop.

It also allows an easy way for job applicants to submit their resume on their mobile device by uploading their Linked-In profile with just one click.

Visit Goldbeck’s Mobile Website at:  http://www.goldbeck.com/

Media Contact:

Jackie Jagger, marketing@goldbeck.com

Hiring During Summer

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Summer is the time of beaches, mojitos and sun, but summer can be productive too – especially in HR.

Summer Hiring might just be one of the best decisions you make this summer.  While it can be tricky and an unheard concept to some, there are many benefits to this. While summer is typically one of the slower periods of the year, you could take advantage of this as time is money.

Lots of Time to Find the Right Candidate

Summer months can be slow; this means you have plenty of time to search for the right candidate because it is quite unlikely that your competitor is searching too. This means, you have access to an untapped talent pool. So take your time and make the right decision.


Summer, just as we said above, is the slowest period of the year for hiring.  This would be the perfect time to train all the new hires so come busy season they are all primed and ready to go.  Employees are also likely to settle in better in a quiet and less chaotic work environment.

Summer Temps

One of the best ways to try out potential employees is … Read More »