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The Costs of Hiring the Wrong B2B Sales Person

Posted on June 28th, by Henry Goldbeck in Henry Goldbeck, HR Management, Human Resources, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing. No Comments

Examining the costs of hiring the wrong B2B Sales person can be a little like peeling the layers of an onion, as one looks at intangible costs, cost of missed opportunities and actual hard costs.  Actual costs are easier to measure and include things like hiring costs, base compensation and incentives, training costs, projected lost sales, wasted leads and lost customers to name a few.  These can add up to as much as seven times the annual salary for the position.  These costs support the extremely obvious case for taking extra effort and care to hire sales professionals with the greatest chances for success with your company.

Sales is a highly skilled profession and excellent B2B sales people are hard to find, making it a challenge to build a team and drive revenue to increase business.  Let’s look at some promising and desirable characteristics of a good B2B sales rep.  Below are a few major deciding factors which, when taken into consideration, can greatly reduce the risk of a hiring mistake.

Sales Experience

Previous successful sales experience in an industry with the same or similar characteristics, or from the same industry, is the greatest indicator of success in a new sales position.   In … Read More »

Fort McMurray Reconstruction

Posted on June 22nd, by Kevin Leh in Engineering, Kevin Leh, Recruitment. No Comments

Fort McMurray will enter uncharted territory when it starts reconstructing houses and businesses destroyed by last month’s wildfire. The fire forced the evacuation of 94,000 people, shut down half of the region’s oil production and destroyed 2,400 homes and businesses. Rebuilding Fort McMurray will need to be a coordinated approach between construction companies, insurance companies, government and property owners.

Smoke rises from buildings destroyed by a wildfire in Fort McMurray, in this May 6, 2016, handout still from video. (Canadian Press)

Getting the oil sands operations running is a key first step in the long term restoration of the community and for the benefit of the GDP of Alberta.  About 500 job openings are being filled on behalf of a major disaster recovery firm that is getting ready to enter Fort McMurray. Workers will be the first allowed back into the community once it’s deemed safe.

Reconstruction will give the local economy a strong stimulus. It is predicted that the construction of 1,000 homes will add about 2,000 people to the town’s workforce, not counting spinoff jobs.

The Conference Board of Canada estimated that the rebuilding effort will add $1.3 billion to Alberta’s economy in 2017, bringing nearly half a percentage point … Read More »

Build A Corporate Citadel: How “The Obstacle Is the Way” Can Strengthen Your Business

Posted on June 15th, by Henry Goldbeck in Company News, HR Management, Just For Fun, Leadership, Sales & Marketing. No Comments

My son Will Goldbeck wrote this article and posted it on LinkedIn.  It is a review of a book on stoic philosophy that he found very inspiring and motivating.  He writes about how businesses can learn from this book.

Build A Corporate Citadel: How “The Obstacle Is the Way” Can Strengthen Your Business

by Will Goldbeck

Put that energy drink down.

Right now.

Ryan Holiday’s 2014 book, The Obstacle Is the Way, will give you much more lasting and meaningful energy than a Rockstar ever will—and without the crash later.  The Obstacle Is the Way is a series of case studies on the great success stories of history—the triumphs of such figures as Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln and John D. Rockefeller. What is the common thread between them? According to Holiday, they all applied principles of Stoicism, an ancient Greek philosophy. Following these principles, these great people not only conquered seemingly insurmountable obstacles, but they also strove to learn from them and use them to their advantage.

But Holiday isn’t writing a history book, he’s writing a book on success: how to recognize it, how to fight for it and how to achieve it. You may ask, what does this have to do with my business? While … Read More »

How Are Candidates Viewing Your Career Posting

Posted on June 13th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Human Resources, Karen Epp. No Comments

What is between the lines of a job description?

That is a question that job seekers often ask themselves. A job description is the first impression for any attracted candidate in the world of online recruiting. If the job description is monotonous and uninspiring, that may affect the type of candidate you’ll attract especially in regards to candidates currently employed who surveying the job market for potential upgrades from their current employment. These individuals, generally seen as more desirable, will discriminate much more than unemplolyed candidates when it comes to which career postings to respond to.

Improving the quality of your response starts by having a well-written ad (often the first impression a candidate has of your organization) that is going to target your appropriate audience. You need to know your audience and your ad needs to speak to them directly in language they understand. A well thought out job description should have a carefully crafted message with the aim of attracting the best-qualified candidates to fulfill your job requirements.

Here are a few tips to writing a compelling job ad:

Use a specifically descriptive job title and keywords to get the best visibility and search results as opposed to a common generic title
Clearly … Read More »

Why It Is Crucial To Build Your Team When Starting A New Business

Posted on May 19th, by Henry Goldbeck in HR Management, Recruitment. No Comments

Any entrepreneur who has founded a startup company will tell you that they have to attend to dozens of details. Because many of these tasks may be far out of the business founder’s comfort zone

and not related to the main products and services, they are likely to generate considerable stress. As soon as possible, business startup founders need to make it a priority to bring in the right people to help them.

New Business Owners Need To Build A Great Team

In fact, building a great team becomes both a challenge and a priority for new companies. According to a recent Fortune [1] article on startups, building the initial team to launch a new company is usually much more difficult that it is to recruit talent for an established company.

On the other hand, that great team can be as much of a strategic advantage as products, services, marketing, or anything else that you have. That, plus the fact that you can’t do everything yourself are two reasons why building and retaining your first team should be mission-critical goals.

Recruiting And Retaining A Startup Team

Why is it so tough for startups to hire the … Read More »