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Exit Strategy Tips for Baby Boomers

Posted on May 20th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management. No Comments

It is estimated that about 76 MILLION people were born between 1946 through 1964, we call them baby boomers.

If you are a baby boomer and are wondering how to make a smooth transition, this post will help you do just that. There are few tried and tested ways to go about this:

Separate yourself from the Business

There are approximately 12 billion businesses in America that are owned by baby boomers. The majority of these also believe that the owner is the business and if the owner leaves, the business falls apart. The key to successfully executing this is by constantly delegating more tasks or to have an apprentice – someone who will carry the business after you leave. This also means instilling trust in employees and current customers to ensure things will remain the same and the company is committed to growth and not dependant on the owner.

Due Diligence

Business owners can opt to sell their business as well, you can go about this by selling it privately or hiring a business broker to assist with finding a buyer and facilitating the deal.

It is very important that the financials and accounts are clear, concise … Read More »

Introducing Jessica Miles – the Newest Member of the Goldbeck Recruiting Family.

Posted on May 14th, by Jackie Jagger in About, Company News. 1 Comment

Jessica Miles is the newest Sales Recruiter here at Goldbeck Recruiting; she specializes in Manufacturing and Industrial sales. She will also be recruiting in the area of environmental engineering and management.  Jessica is a fantastic edition to the Goldbeck Recruiting team bring a host of positive qualities such as her  education, persistence, intelligence, initiative, positive attitude, fearlessness and sense of humor.

Jessica is our newest environmental champion here at Goldbeck Recruiting; she graduated at the University of Victoria with a major in Environmental Studies and Sociology. She was also the Co-President of the Environmental Studies Student Association and worked towards engaging fellow students in environmental conservation and sustainability initiatives.

Unfortunately, her career started with challenges in Canadian employment conditions as she graduated in 2009 right after the economic recession.  She overcame this to land a position with the UVic Restoration of Natural Systems Program. This led to her co-authoring the book “Restoration Walks in Victoria” with Dr. Valentin Schaefer.

This research also drove her to work in the public sector and allowed her to put her love of nature to practical use. She worked with First Nation communities and various other environmental groups creating policies to preserve the environment and spread awareness about … Read More »

Industry Overview: Alberta Oil Sands

Posted on May 6th, by Jackie Jagger in Engineering, Industry Resources, Sales & Marketing. No Comments

Alberta’s Volatile Oil Industry

Alberta has been enjoying the boom of the oil industry for the past decade. However, this changed over the course of a night when oil prices dropped. This caused a chain reaction in other industries which has caused a series of problems for the province.

Around October 2014, the falling prices of crude oil made everyone in the industry and province nervous about the future. These dropping prices were a reminder of bitter memories of the financial crises of 2009 in which Alberta had to shelve or cancel projects up to $90bn. To some, it is déjà vu.

Investors had already reduced the profit forecasts and this was affecting the share prices of many energy companies.

Energy prices are extremely important to the whole Alberta economy, falling prices were risking a fall out far beyond just the oil and energy industry. BMO Nesbitt Burns, the investment wing of BMO had pegged the profitability at $90 per barrel – the current price for crude oil per barrel is at $50. Quite a leap from the projected profitability rate.

There were fears that the unstable market of crude oil would affect the investor and consumer confidence, and be an obstacle in the job growth … Read More »

Henry Goldbeck’s views on Credit Checks by Employers

Posted on May 4th, by Jackie Jagger in About, Company News, In The Media. No Comments

Henry Goldbeck was recently asked for his input on pre-employment credit checks.

Pre-employment credit checks are often requested to assess the overall reliability of the candidate. There are some things you should keep in mind, if an employer requests a credit check before hiring you.

All employers, whether government or private must get your written consent before they check your credit. Always remember if your credit report has few late payments or couple of missed payments then you don’t have much to worry about, says Henry Goldbeck.

However, if your credit report has something more serious, it is best to address it proactively rather than wait for the employer to bring it up.

“If you know that the report will have negative information the employer may just decline to move forward with your hire and not give you the opportunity to present your case” said Henry, “Or they may believe that you were hiding something which puts you on the defensive when you are presenting your case.”

It is interesting to note that New York City has just outlawed running credit checks on job applicants. We are yet to see something like this North of the border, here in Canada.

Read more here: http://canada.creditcards.com/credit-card-news/preemployment-credit-checks-1265.php

How To Get Back Into Job Market After A Long Leave

Posted on April 28th, by Jackie Jagger in Career, Career Development, Job Search. No Comments

Sometimes, life happens and you need to take time off work or are not able to work for a long stretch of time.  Whether its for health reasons, to be a stay-at-home mom, to care for sick loved ones, or to take a sabbatical — these are common reasons why people may have time gaps in their resume.  So now that things are moving forward and you want to get back into the workplace, reintegrating yourself with the corporate world can be a challenge.

We put together a list of things you need to do to get yourself into the job market again:

Take A Step Back And List Your Skills

This tally will help you understand where you stand, what your strong skills are and how that could be applied in the corporate world. Remember to include all skills that you learned when on the job and during the break. This shows you are a continuous learner and often helps with your application.

Brush Yourself Up

Things have changed since the last time you worked, you have to accept that you may be behind the curve.  So the best thing to do is brush yourself up with all the relevant technologies and software that … Read More »