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Why It Is Crucial To Build Your Team When Starting A New Business

Posted on May 19th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Recruitment. No Comments

Any entrepreneur who has founded a startup company will tell you that they have to attend to dozens of details. Because many of these tasks may be far out of the business founder’s comfort zone

and not related to the main products and services, they are likely to generate considerable stress. As soon as possible, business startup founders need to make it a priority to bring in the right people to help them.

New Business Owners Need To Build A Great Team

In fact, building a great team becomes both a challenge and a priority for new companies. According to a recent Fortune [1] article on startups, building the initial team to launch a new company is usually much more difficult that it is to recruit talent for an established company.

On the other hand, that great team can be as much of a strategic advantage as products, services, marketing, or anything else that you have. That, plus the fact that you can’t do everything yourself are two reasons why building and retaining your first team should be mission-critical goals.

Recruiting And Retaining A Startup Team

Why is it so tough for startups to hire the … Read More »

Making The Most of Alberta’s Unemployed Workforce:  What BC Employers Need to Know

Posted on May 12th, by Jackie Jagger in Engineering, Industry Resources, Kevin Leh, Person. No Comments

Experienced Managers Are Displaced and Young Workers Are Underemployed

Recent job losses in Central Canada have had a positive and negative effect on BC’s labour force.  Particularly due to Alberta’s economic slump, there are many experienced operations managers, superintendents, plant managers, and construction managers considering making a change as poorly performing companies will look to cut staffing costs and shuffle the remaining employees around.  Even young people with jobs struggle with job quality, low wage growth, job insecurity, and high debt loads.  Insecurity and anxiety reign as workers cycle through temporary contracts or part-time jobs.

BC is one of Canada’s Top Provinces for Job Growth

As BC’s economy remains strong, its companies are hungry to fill positions, particularly in forestry, construction, and energy.  Resilient activity in BC’s construction industry is drawing skilled workers back to the province and more and more young people are entering trades according to the 2016 Construction Industry survey released in April. Employment in BC increased 3.2% in the last 12 months to March, making the province Canada’s top performer when it comes to job growth over the period.  Wood manufacturing and Oil & Gas are some of BC’s top growing industries with an average 5.5% and 5.3% annual … Read More »

Setting an Environment for a Good Interview

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A job interview can be nerve-racking for even the most qualified and suitable candidate. Anxiety during an interview may not allow the candidate to deliver their best ability and often lose out on the job. However, by turning the heat up too high, you as an employer are at the risk of losing out on great candidates as well.

By allowing a candidate to relax and be at ease during an interview, you allow them to perform their best and put their best foot forward which allows you to judge them fairly and more effectively.

Here are a few things you can do as an interviewer to ensure the interview is less stressful:

Avoid Tense Atmosphere

When a candidate arrives, be hospitable by welcoming them to your workplace and offering them a glass of water or perhaps some coffee or tea. Letting the candidate wait in silence can often add to the tense atmosphere, instead welcome them to explore the office a little by pointing them to the kitchen or the restroom. It is advisable to avoid seating two candidates next to each other. Do what you must to make the atmosphere more welcoming and less … Read More »

Vivian Fung – Panelist at Science Career Information Fair at UBC

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Vivian Fung, our senior Sales & Marketing, Human Resources recruiter will be one of the six panelists at the Science Career Information Fair at University of British Columbia.

Vivian was invited to share her insights into hiring and career opportunities that are available to science students in areas outside of the traditional path. She said, “Many students tend to focus on a narrow range of career paths like Medicine and Engineering as viable options for employment. However, there are jobs in sales, operations, finance and a variety of other fields that appreciate a background in science.” She also added, “Science is an integral part of our society, and it is important that students learn about the many opportunities and career paths that are available to them with their science education as a strong foundation which they can build on with additional training and functional expertise.”

There will be a total of 6 speakers in the panels, each of whom will be sharing their experience and insights into non-traditional career paths and other unique career opportunities that can be pursued. Companies that will be attending include PepsiCo Beverages Canada, BC SPCA, STEMCELL Technologies and more.

Over 200 … Read More »

3 Quick Ways to Secure Employee Data

Posted on February 22nd, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Human Resources, Industry Resources, Technology. No Comments

One of the most important aspects of Human Resources in an organization is to keep employee data secure and safe from internal and external threats.

Cloud storage of data is more secure than traditional file cabinets; however, simply choosing cloud storage won’t cut it. There are additional steps that must be taken to ensure all security bases are covered. Also, remember to encrypt data before you upload it to cloud servers as an additional step in security. Never upload the encryption keys to the cloud. Just in case data is leaked, it is useless to anyone without the keys. You can read about a good example from Patreon here.

Encryption, in simple terms, is the act of password protecting data. The way it works is, it obscures the data and only restores it to readable format when the right password or key is entered.

One of the most high profile leaks of recent history has to be the one of Sony Entertainment Pictures, where emails and health records of employees were leaked to the public. Some say this was an inside job, which is why internal threats must be given the same priority.

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