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Hiring Medical Salespeople Can Be a Challenge. Here’s How to Get it Right.

Posted on April 14th, by Ria Inducil in Healthcare, Ria Inducil, Sales & Marketing. No Comments

People who sell medical devices have a unique skill set and a big challenge: they’re often lay people who sell to medical professionals.

They’ve got to be good sales people – that’s a given - and they’ve got to be able to understand a product so thoroughly that they’re able to educate the true experts in the field: the end users. The people who’ve spent years training to have the knowledge and skills to use those devices.

A medical salesperson has to speak their language and know more about the device than they do.

It’s not an easy job.

No wonder it’s not always an easy job to fill. So how do you find the medical sales people you need?

Know Thyself

You start by knowing what you need. Here are five questions to help you clarify what you’re looking for (so you can make sure you get it!):

What is the new hire’s sales territory or channel?
What are their quantifiable sales objectives?
What tools and or training will you be able to provide?
What is the range of experience of your new hire?
What is the market compensation package of your preferred candidate profile?*

*Questions 4 and 5 are interrelated. If your salary range is low, you’ll probably need to … Read More »

Henry Goldbeck was on The Bill Good Show talking about Jobs in BC. If You Missed It, Here’s the Recording.

Posted on April 9th, by Kelly Diels-Rostant in Recruitment. No Comments

Henry Goldbeck joined a panel of recruiters, including Feras Elkahil of WPCG and Jeremy Tiffin of Horizon Recruitment, to talk about #PuttingBCtoWork.

(Can’t play the recording? Click here for another version on SoundCloud.)

[transcription to follow]

BC Residential Construction Monthly News: Starts in Multi-Unit Buildings Down 22.2% in February 2014

Posted on April 8th, by Kevin Leh in Engineering, Kevin Leh. No Comments

In the last quarter of 2013, things were looking good for residential construction businesses in BC.

According to Statistics Canada, residential permits were up 29.9%  and there was a 9.9% increased investment in residential structures (mostly single family homes, row houses and doubles).

With this in mind, BC Stats predicted a 3% growth for BC’s residential construction industry in 2014 (an increased value of about $450 million).

The numbers for the first two months of 2014, however, aren’t meeting expectations.

In fact, we’ve seen declines.

According to the CMHC, housing starts in urban centres across BC fell 11.8% in February. (That figure is seasonally adjusted.)

And that number doesn’t even tell the whole story. In February 2014, the number of starts in multi-unit buildings was actually down 22.2% and only offset by the rise of starts in single-detached homes, which rose 11.8%. (CMHC via BC Stats.)

And then in mid-February the federal government announced it was scrapping the immigrant investor program – and although industry reps are putting a brave face on it in the media, this could have a significant impact on pre-sales, existing inventory and new multi-unit starts in Greater Vancouver.

Still, there are 889 open tenders listed on Merx for residential construction projects in BC … Read More »

Rural Pharmacists make 59% More

Posted on April 4th, by Ria Inducil in Healthcare, Ria Inducil. No Comments

“‘Big-city wages, small-town prices’ is a darn fine business model,” says cartoonist and entrepreneur Hugh MacLeod.

(And of course he didn’t say “darn”, but I’m keeping it clean.)

MacLeod was talking about being a being a loosey-goosey location-independent creative professional, but he could just as easily been talking about being a pharmacist.

A pharmacist does the model one better, though, by working in a rural community. There, a pharmacist can expect to make 59% more than a ‘big-city wage’…while still paying those small-town prices.

I pulled that number straight from our database. Comparing annual salaries + signing bonuses of rural vs city pharmacist jobs, rural pharmacists come out way ahead. The rural pharmacists I’ve recruited have 59% higher salaries than the urban ones.

And more often than not – three times as often! – I’m specifically looking for pharmacists for rural areas. In fact, 75% of the pharmacist employment opportunities for which I’ve recruited were located in rural communities.

Fewer people apply for the rural positions, however. 97% of the pharmacist resumes I receive are in response to an urban opening. Only 3% of pharmacy candidates apply for rural positions.

So even though the numbers work – double big city wages + small town expenses – they … Read More »

Next Monday (March 31): Henry Goldbeck will be on The Bill Good Show

Posted on March 24th, by Kelly Diels-Rostant in Henry Goldbeck, In The Media. No Comments

What advice do they give job seekers? And how can candidates stand out among the competition? What are the challenges associated with “brain drain” and the skills training gap?

Henry Goldbeck will be answering these questions and more on The Bill Good Show on Monday March 31, 2014.