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The Shifting Role of the Finance Professional: Trends and Developments

Posted on June 24th, by Karen Epp in Career Development, Finance, Karen Epp, Recruitment. No Comments

As business, technological and political environments continue to shift, the role of the CFO evolves along with them. The Chief Financial Officer of today must be equipped to handle expanded duties with a more all encompassing approach. In light of this progression, let’s examine three ways in which the CFO’s role has transformed, and will … Read More »

Trends in Logistics and 3PL

Posted on June 21st, by Goldbeck Recruiting in Engineering & Operations Case Studies, Leadership, Recruitment, Technology. No Comments

This is a guest post from third party logistic service provider Canadian Alliance Inc.

Senior managers at warehouses and 3PLs have witnessed rapid changes to the logistics industry. Because of this, their roles have also changed. Current industry trends make them responsible for much more than managing day-to-day processes and workplace teamwork. Today, they need to … Read More »

Personality Perks: the Impacts of CEOs on Company Culture

Posted on June 18th, by Henry Goldbeck in Henry Goldbeck, Leadership, Recruitment. Comments Off on Personality Perks: the Impacts of CEOs on Company Culture

In today’s candidate market, a company is only as attractive as the culture they’ve nurtured. We know there are many different ways to build a culture; to do so, some rely on social good or invest in healthful workplace practices and design, while others lean hard on their teams and rely on the inspirational nature … Read More »

Money Women (and Man): A Profile of 3 CFOs

Posted on June 18th, by Karen Epp in Finance, Karen Epp, Leadership. Comments Off on Money Women (and Man): A Profile of 3 CFOs

The CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, is usually the person who was ridiculed in grade school for having a strong comprehension of math and an intensely analytical personality. Fast forward a few decades and they find themselves responsible for managing a company’s finances, often shaping the evolution and strategic vision of an organization with their … Read More »

Corporate Social Responsibility: Benefits and Trends

Posted on June 5th, by Jessica Miles in In The Media, Leadership, Sales & Marketing. Comments Off on Corporate Social Responsibility: Benefits and Trends

Recently Robert F. Smith, founder and CEO of Vista Equity Partners, was addressing the almost 400 students who made up the graduating class at Morehouse College in Atlanta, when he made a stunning announcement; he would be paying off each of the grad students’ debts. Once reality set in the students responded with an enthusiastic … Read More »