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Working Notice – To Do or Not To

Posted on August 28th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Recruitment. No Comments

When employees are let go from their job, they are paid severance. This could have a huge impact on the company’s finances if there are company wide job cuts. Alternately, companies opt for a “Working Notice”. A working notice was most recently was opted by Target Canada.

A Working Notice informs affected employees about the situation and are required to work until a particular date as per the memo/contract after which they are let go. This negates the need to pay a lump sum of severance and only pay the statutory severance.

Advantages for Both Parties

One of the biggest benefit for the organization is cost effectiveness.
Working notice also allows the employees to secure a job elsewhere before being let go, this allows for a smooth transition.


However, there can be some risks involved when opting for a working notice, namely:

A working notice can demotivate employees, which is likely to affect the quality of work and even other coworkers that may not be directly affected by this decision.
If an employee has had a problem with anger or grudges in the past, it isn’t recommend to use this strategy since they could be vindictive and cause damage … Read More »

Recruiters as Orchestra Conductors

Posted on August 20th, by Samira Atthari in Recruitment. No Comments

You could look at recruiters as orchestra conductors; they help you with choosing and bringing together diverse set of people and capabilities to harmonize and address organizational challenges.

An orchestra conductor is not a professional at playing each instrument, rather he or she is an expert at finding musicians who are experienced in playing the violin, trumpet and piano, and together they produce beautiful music. Orchestra conductors are guiding the orchestras they conduct. This can be applied to any specific field and industry, for example, a mining company. The manager of that mining company does not have to be an expert in accounting, finance, computer systems/IT, instead they can bring together talented, skilled and knowledgeable individuals who are experts in those fields and together they address organizational challenges. So why not hire a recruiter to not only help you choose and bring together the most skilled candidates but to also find the right fit into your specific industry and organizational culture.

The steps taken by an orchestra conductor before a musical performance are very similar to that of a recruiter. The orchestra conductor begins by selecting the music to be performed and studies the musical piece in order to see how it could … Read More »

Top 3 Reasons Why Employees Should be Allowed to Work From Home.

Posted on August 18th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Recruitment. No Comments

With the advent of technology and people living a 5 screen world, it can get stressful and lets work follow us where we go. If we look at how things we decades ago, we see that work ended when

you left the office, that isn’t the case anymore. Today, however we can work from where we are – whether it’s at home, bus, train or the beach. This blurred line between work and personal life can affect employees negatively.

But this technology also makes it much easier to telecommute than before. Typically we are surrounded by 5 screens:

Mobile Phones

And slowly we move into a 6 screen world with smart watches that vibrate every time we receive new email or a text message. While it is much easier, there are other benefits too.

Health Benefits

There have been numerous studies that show that employees who work from home not only have reduced levels of stress but also show increased productivity and efficiency. Working from home can help employees in eating healthy and allow them to spend time with their family – which directly translates to a healthier and a stress-free employee.

When an employee is asked why they like working from home, the most popular answer … Read More »

Jobvite Feature: Red Flags to Watch for During an Interview

Posted on August 7th, by Jackie Jagger in Career, Career Development, Recruitment. No Comments

Interviews can be daunting and nerve wracking to some; you have to remember to not give into the pressure. Ample practice beforehand can help you with your interview.

Jobvite asked us to share some red flags to watch for during an interview.  Kevin Leh, a senior recruiter at Goldbeck Recruiting had the following to say:

“Some people leave companies disgruntled, and they can use interviewers as a sounding board. Although they may have a point, and you can understand where they are coming from, it is never a good idea to go into an interview and carry this baggage.” — Kevin Leh, Senior Recruiter

Additionally Kevin Leh says that the following are other red flags to look for:

Gaps in experience and inability to explain them and why he/she departed from a company
Inconsistencies with what is on the resume and what you actually get from the interview — like putting in a designation or finishing schooling when they are just on their way there

Here are some extra tips from Karen Epp, Senior Accounting and Finance Recruiter.

Unengaged attitude:  when the candidate seems unenthusiastic and has a ‘better than thou’ attitude
Very guarded and defensive:  this usually points to something is being hidden
Caught up in negativity:  when asked why a … Read More »

Getting Ready for a Photoshoot

Posted on July 30th, by Jackie Jagger in Just For Fun. No Comments

We thought we would freshen things up a little bit and get some new videos and photos done. Here’s a candid moment of us cracking up at a joke Henry just cracked.


Be sure to check our website for updated videos soon.