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New Job Positions We’ve Never Seen Before

Posted on January 30th, by Jackie Jagger in Recruitment. No Comments

2014 was an exciting and eventful year all around. Lot’s of great new companies in various industries created all sorts of jobs but some of them created a few unique jobs that we haven’t seen before. Here is some of what we found peculiar and believe to be some of the oddest yet hottest jobs for years to come:

Cannabis Production Manager

Legal Cannabis Production is the fastest growing industry in North America, should this trend of legalization continue across the 50 states it could soon outgrow the organic food industry. Governments of Colorado and Washington are already seeing the benefits of legalization and slowly a lot more governments around the world are leaning toward legalization. Cannabis Production Manager was one of the jobs we had a job order for, we should start seeing more of these are legalization slowly becomes more mainstream.

Uber Driver

Uber is a type of Ride Sharing company that allows you to haul a ride from an app on your smartphone, while Uber wasn’t very successful in Vancouver the first time around and with plans to re-enter the market soon, it should be noted that Uber is highly popular in many parts of the … Read More »

Goldbeck’s Blog Editorial Calendar for “Talent at Work”

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Goldbeck Recruiting is happy to announce that its HR & Recruitment Blog “Talent at Work” has planned  an editorial calendar for 2015.  In the past, we have just been writing about issues that may be trending or topics off the top of our head.  But in our efforts to keep with the interests of our readers, we have scheduled the following articles to be posted in the next few months.

“Talent At Work”  Upcoming Blog Topics:


“New job positions we’ve never seen before”
“Goal setting for 2015“


“Recruiter Spotlight:  Jessica Miles”
“Industry Spotlight: Industrial Sales”
“Hiring cycle boosts up”
“How to get back into  the job market after a long leave”
“Valentines Day: Finding the LOVE in your job”
“Chinese New Year:   The Year of the Sheep”
“Industry Spotlight: Medical marijuana industry”
“Partner Spotlight:  SPARK: Love what you do”


“Recruiter Spotlight: Kevin Leh”
“Industry Spotlight: LNG / Mining, oil & gas”
“Mistakes job seekers make”
“Workplace Wellness : brain fog due to poor nutrition”
“Does headhunting from other companies really work?”
“International Women’s Day: Women & workplace stats”
“Industry Spotlight: Manufacturing”
“Partner Spotlight: Resume service”


“Recruiter Spotlight: Henry Goldbeck
“Industry Spotlight:  Global recruitment
“Building your online presence”
“Recruiting in a social media world”
“Don’t make your employees a headhunter target”
“Easter: Refresh from stress”
“When family life stress affects the workplace”
“Partner Spotlight: Family counseling”


Employers Guide to Interviews With Check-list

Posted on January 23rd, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Interviewing Advice. No Comments

As the new year ramps up, employers everywhere are hiring frantically to meet those yearly targets and goals. Hiring the right talent is often the reason you are able to achieve these goals, but how do you find the right talent? A check-list helps in finding the right person for the job. Here is an example of things you’d want to keep on your check-list.

Soft Skills – The Best Hidden Tool Your Sales Person Could Have

It is a brand new year and reports and targets are everywhere. But, let’s face it – targets are pointless without a team of hardworking, intuitive sales people. Sales people are perhaps the life blood of an organization. In order to be successful in meeting your target, you must have a team of passionate and smart sales professionals.

Sales Professionals are natural at what they do; they have years of nurturing and experience that allows them to have seasoned skills that can give your brand that extra edge it needs. Sales Professionals are always on their toes and companies often invest in them with trainings and workshops. For a successful Sales team, it is essential to have the following soft skills.

Attentive Listening

It is true that some of the most successful people in this world are good listeners. A sales professional must always be very attentive to his surroundings and at the same time be able to pick up on cues and subtle references that a client may drop at anytime during the conversation. A good sales professional must always give the client good floor time while adding to the conversation and never interrupting them. Attentive Listening helps with not just closing a … Read More »

Thank You For Your Support

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Over the holidays, in lieu of Greeting Cards we at Goldbeck Recruiting decided to donate to various causes through Plan Canada.

We sent out a personalized eGreeting to all of those on our mailing lists and included a link to be an helpful elf and give towards a cause of their choosing with Plan Canada. The first numbers are out and we are completely overwhelmed by the support from our community who selflessly give so that others can have a better life. It touches our hearts to be a part of this community and we would like to thank each and every one of you who donated. Rest assured your decision may just have changed someone life forever in a way they probably could never have imagined.

If you would like donate to a cause of your liking with Plan Canada, please click here to view a list of causes that you could give to or click here if you’d like to share with Plan USA instead.

Again, we would like to thank everyone who made this possible, this couldn’t have been done without you.