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How To Get Back Into Job Market After A Long Leave

Posted on April 28th, by Jackie Jagger in Career, Career Development, Job Search. No Comments

Sometimes, life happens and you need to take time off work or are not able to work for a long stretch of time.  Whether its for health reasons, to be a stay-at-home mom, to care for sick loved ones, or to take a sabbatical — these are common reasons why people may have time gaps in their resume.  So now that things are moving forward and you want to get back into the workplace, reintegrating yourself with the corporate world can be a challenge.

We put together a list of things you need to do to get yourself into the job market again:

Take A Step Back And List Your Skills

This tally will help you understand where you stand, what your strong skills are and how that could be applied in the corporate world. Remember to include all skills that you learned when on the job and during the break. This shows you are a continuous learner and often helps with your application.

Brush Yourself Up

Things have changed since the last time you worked, you have to accept that you may be behind the curve.  So the best thing to do is brush yourself up with all the relevant technologies and software that … Read More »

Building your Professional Online Presence

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The person you sat next to on the train to work has an online profile and almost everyone you walked by on the street and anyone you might see today, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course LinkedIN.

In today’s world, we all have contributed to our social media pages in one way or another. Our Social Media profiles have become our identity over the Internet, it is what people see and get in contact with you. It is important to build this presence to be visible in the eyes of recruiters, companies and any such opportunities that may arise.

Building your Online Presence can be challenging and a little overwhelming at first however once you get the hang of it, it’s simple and easy.

Just remember these simple strategies that make you more comfortable:


Keep consistent with your appearance and message across all channels of social media; this means having a professional photo across all your social media accounts. One great way to maintain your identity is creating an about.me page, this page acts like your online business card with all your important links.

Be Professional

Always be professional when you post something.  Keep in mind that everyone can see and what kind of … Read More »

Recruiting in a Social Media World

Posted on April 15th, by Jackie Jagger in Career, Career Development, HR Management, Recruitment. No Comments

Wherever we go today we are surrounded by different screens –  a computer, a tablet, a  smartphone and soon a smartwatch. Almost everyone is constantly checking emails, Facebook notifications and Tweets on the go.

As such, things have changed in the way we recruit and how candidates apply for jobs. One of the most apparent ways is with the use of Social Media. Social Media can be used by both companies and individuals to find the right fit.

Using Social Media as a Tool To Recruit:
Posting Job Ads is Easier and Can be Fine Tuned as Per the Job.

Social media provides inexpensive ways to target specified audiences based on age, location or specific keywords. These ads will only show to those that match the particular criteria therefore weeding out those that wouldn’t qualify to begin with.

Get to Know a Candidate Before the Interview

Social Media allows recruiters to get to know a candidate before even inviting them for an interview by simply looking up their profiles on various networks. This allows more focused efforts to find the right candidate for the right job.

Building Your Brand Image

Social Media is not exclusively to advertise job openings, use this opportunity to reach masses about the work you do and how … Read More »

Executive Coaching: For When Personal Stress Affects The Workplace

Leadership is all about relationships. Executives and business owners do not only take their business self to work, they also take their personal self, so they need to manage both professional and personal interactions in their day-to-day life. If there is stress from personal relationships outside of work, this may affect workplace interactions with customers, employees and colleagues.

Maximizing Personal and Professional Potential

The ICF (International Coach Federation) has a very important definition of coaching: “Coaching is partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. In order to get the most of our personal and professional potential, we have to be aware of one thing: we are all human beings! We are not perfect, and neither are leaders.

Leaders, like the rest of us, are also emotional creatures that can get caught up with emotions at times. Executive Coaching helps leaders become more “emotionally intelligent”. Executive coaches help leaders learn how to manage their emotions, think clearly, and make “emotionally intelligent” decisions.  This skill can improve both personal and professional relationships.

Communication & Stress

Leaders sometimes become overwhelmed in their day-to-day social interactions – with friends, colleagues, employees, and loved ones. They can end … Read More »

Mistakes Job Seekers Make

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Here at Goldbeck Recruiting Inc. we receive job applications from thousands of people in a year. We often notice that some job seekers do things that sometimes costs them the job.  Job hunting can be a stressful task, and job seekers often make mistakes because of the stress.  However, there are few things that a job seeker should keep in mind.

Searching Aimlessly

If you are sending out resumes without fully understanding what your ideal job is, you are wasting your time. Having a clear cut idea of what field and type of job you want to work in helps narrow down and increase your chances of getting through.

Writing Long Cover Letters

Cover Letters should be to brief and to the point. Using bullet points help a lot and help the employer to focus on the important parts. Use the cover letter to highlight value items that are NOT in your resume.

Criticizing Former Employers

Badmouthing your previous employers is never a good idea. It is not the place or the time to badmouth them, instead when asked “Why did you leave your previous employer?” A simple answer like “Looking for new opportunities and broaden horizons”.

Wearing Unprofessional Attire

It is true that more start-ups have a … Read More »