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How to Promote Fitness at Work

Posted on June 25th, by Jackie Jagger in HR Management, Just For Fun. No Comments

Yesterday was the first day of summer, while most started to prepare for their beach body well in advance, there are some of us falling shortly behind that goal. We take a look at few ways you could promote a healthy lifestyle at work. It’s simpler than it sounds.

Stop. Drop. Walk.

Perhaps one of the simplest way to take a step toward a healthy lifestyle at work is to stop, drop and walk about the office or if policies permit, perhaps around the block. Sitting in one position is often not recommended but unfortunately a desk job requires that you do. To combat this, a walk is a simple yet great way to be active. Fresh air is a bonus to help you feel energized and more productive in your tasks.

Healthy Snacking

Promoting healthy snacks at work while avoiding sugary foods and soda can help a lot. It is a fact that we tend to consume most of our calories via drinks and not substantial food. A little fruit basket in the kitchen can go a long way and promote others to bring in their choice of fruit. Fruits have natural sugar and can give you … Read More »

Career Guide: Intern to a Full-Time Employee

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As summer approaches, students across North America clamor to secure internships in hopes to add relevant job experience to their resumes. But, the question at hand is how do we ensure that this internship has a possibility of turning into a full time job in the near future?

There are few points you need to keep in mind and work toward this goal.

Do your Research

One of the most important things to find the right internship is to do your research right. This ensures that you know what you are getting into before hand and of course allows you to perform better at the interview. This also means to understand and read up on how well established the school’s internship program is.

Ask Questions

Ask a lot of questions during the interview;  this shows you are enthusiastic about the opportunity. Be sure to ask about the full-time employment during your interview. This ensures that the company has a culture of absorbing interns into full time jobs.

Be Social

Once you have secured the internship, make it a point to meet and great everyone. This will allow you to get to know the people and the company better. This highly increases the chance of you securing a … Read More »

Welcome Back Vivian

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Vivian Fung, our seasoned recruiter has returned after her maternity break.  She had a gorgeous baby boy. Vivian is excited to be back and is already churning the gears to work toward doing what she does best.

Vivian is overjoyed to be back with the Goldbeck family and says she missed helping companies find their right candidate for the job. “There’s a certain joy in helping find two groups of people that match” she says. “Helping clients think outside of the box” is something she loves doing, it’s that AHA! moment she’s after. Often times, as Vivian explains, a lot of employers think about a position and the candidate in a very specific way and forget to account for the transferability of skills and experience.

Relationship Building

Vivian was excited to get back in touch with her past clients; she was delighted to know they tried to get in touch with her as well while she was away. It’s just amazing to see the kind of relationship she shares with her clients.

Getting to know clients and their businesses is something Vivian missed the most and is very excited to get back into it and be able to help the companies and the province ultimately.

Right as she was about … Read More »

Unemployment Rate in British Columbia is at a 6 Year Low.

Unemployment in BC has been at a record low since December last year. In an impressive upswing, the British Columbian economy has been topping provincial growth rankings in 2015. While the Labour Market has been weak for this first half of 2015, low gas prices have helped boost consumer spending to offset that deficit.

Further gains are expected as export-based industries are slowly picking up after a weather-led slow down caused a temporary dampening of demand of locally produced goods. Economists are pegging at a GDP growth rate of 3.0% in 2015 and 3.1% in 2016.

Housing Market

For the first half of 2015, the housing market has shown no immediate signs of cooling down. The second half is expected to continue this fiery hot trend as there is more demand than inventory. With increased valuations of properties around Lower Mainland and savings at the gas pump, consumers have increased their spending across the province. While unlikely to sustain, this hearty  spending will remain firm for the year.

Poor Retail Performance

While the labour market in the retail sector has been typically poor with the exit of Target, closure of Future Shop and Sony Mobile Store. Although poor, economists expect this to be a temporary dip … Read More »

5 Mistakes Hiring Managers Make When Hiring Salespeople

Posted on May 27th, by Jackie Jagger in Industry Resources, Person, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, Vivian Fung. No Comments

Hiring the perfect sales person can be a challenging task and it is something that hiring managers often get wrong.  Over the past few years we have seen hiring managers make mistakes that have cost them much more than just money – remember in sales, business relationships is a very important factor that has to be considered when making a hiring decision.

In this post we detail some of the mistakes that Hiring Managers make when looking for their next top sales person.

One Trick Pony

A lot of companies when looking for their next sales person often look for someone who has previous experience with the same or similar product before however, hiring managers must look for the aptitude not the product experience or knowledge. In fact, some of the best hires come from outside the industry and broadening the scope allows for a larger pool of talent to pick from.


Companies often rush to fill a position; this often leads to incomplete and insufficient screening. As a result, business relationships suffer with current clients – which could often be a very costly thing and can even take the business under.


Just like the movie Whiplash, you have to know when you are Rushing … Read More »